Booking Terms:

Sue Zange is based in the UK and represented on the website: Direct contact is available on that website. Sue Zange provides training courses for higher consciousness awareness, subtle energy awareness, visualisation and meditation. Sue Zange provides services of 'Subtle Energy Mapping', subtle energy direction and transformation, to personal clients and businesses. All services provided by Sue Zange are made by prior appointment only and bookings are made in accordance with terms outlined herewith.

Payments for Subtle Energy Mapping Services:

Fees are agreed in advance with clients. Payment is due on the day of fulfilment of services, unless otherwise agreed. An Invoice and/or Receipt will be issued with payment settlement terms and bank details. Travelling and, where necessary, accommodation costs are agreed with clients prior to attendance.

Reservation Deposit for Training Courses and Events:

All training courses and events require you to pre-book your place and make a Reservation Deposit. The deposit amount will be stated on course promotional material, on the website and/or through personal communication. Please ensure you put details of the course you are booking in any communications. Deposits are usually paid via the shopping basket system on the website. However, you can also pay by internet banking, to make a direct transfer. Please email using the contact form on the website to request bank account details. Please note that a placement on any training course cannot be guaranteed if a deposit is not processed. The use of the Sue Zange website and/or booking on any training course or event deems acceptance and acknowledgement of these Terms and Conditions.

Training Course and Event Payments:

Most courses and events can be booked through the shopping basket system on the website. You can alternatively pay by electronic transfer using Paypal or direct bank transfer. Please ensure you include details of the course you are booking. We will confirm safe receipt of your deposit, and confirmation of the reservation of your place within 24 hours (Please get in touch if you do not receive your confirmation by email). Please note that you will also receive an email receipt direct from Paypal for your course deposit if you have correctly entered your email address into Paypal. Full payment, and balance of payment, for any training course is required in advance of the day of attendance.

Refunds, Cancellations or Non-Attendance:

If for any reason you cannot attend the training course or event, and you have made payment direct to Sue Zange company or through the website, and you notify us prior to 14 days of its commencement, your deposit will be, at your request, fully refunded to you or applied to an alternative training course/event. If you notify us of an inability to attend within 14 days of the due date of the commencement, deposit payments are not refundable. If you have forwarded your deposit but a place cannot be allocated to you for any reason, you will receive an immediate notification and refund of your deposit. (Please note: there may be exceptions to the refund of deposits or course payments when purchased through alternative online ticketing systems, depending on their terms and conditions).

If, due to unforeseen or unexpected circumstances, Sue Zange is required to cancel or postpone any training course, the liability of Sue Zange will extend only to the provision of an alternative date for the course or the refunding of any monies paid for the course or event. This will be at the discretion of Sue Zange. All reasonable efforts will be made to contact participants to notify and inform of any changes or cancellation. Sue Zange reserves the right to refuse acceptance of a booking or attendance, at her sole discretion, to any individual(s) at any event or training course should the need arise.

Full Course Fee Payments and Balance Payments:

The fee for each course or event is stated on the full itinerary description, and on promotional material. Your place will be reserved upon receipt of your deposit and you will receive confirmation of this. The remaining balance of the course fee will then become payable 14 days prior to the Course commencement. If you are booking onto a training course within 14 days of its due commencement, you should process your payment in FULL because both the deposit and the remaining balance are due within that time period. All course or event fees should be fully paid prior to commencement. We may send out a reminder to you by email, for the payment of any due balance, but you are also welcome to manage the administration of this yourself and settle your course fee through Paypal and or direct Bank Transfer. Please ensure you include your name in the payment as a reference. If exceptional circumstances transpire and you ultimately have to 'pay on the day', this must be by prior agreement. Please be aware that payment by credit/debit card will not be available at the training course venue.

Attendance at Courses and Events:

Sue Zange training courses, events and presentations are held throughout the United Kingdom. Please ensure you read the course itinerary fully to know the location of the course and your ability to attend the location. The course commencement and finishing times are stated on the full course itinerary. Entrance is open 30 minutes prior to commencement. Please ensure you are present at least 15 minutes prior to commencement, so that you can make yourself comfortable. In general, refreshments of tea, herb/fruit tea, coffee, water and biscuits are provided at venues. At some locations there may be a charge for refreshments. Please read the course itinerary for any stated information about refreshments and/or lunch arrangements. You are responsible for your own valuables and belongings whilst attending any training course, and within the grounds of any location, so do give due consideration to your belongings and the safety of your vehicle and its contents whilst parked.


From time to time discount or promotional vouchers may be offered by Sue Zange towards training courses, events or presentations. Vouchers are limited to one per person. Vouchers are non refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Vouchers are specific for the item for which they are offered - a training course of a specific date or a single event within a set period. Terms and conditions regarding voucher validity are contained on or with each voucher. It is not permitted to sell, trade or purchase vouchers or voucher codes in any way. Vouchers cannot be used for other purposes, or refunded if there is no availability for attendance because a course, event or session is fully booked. Sue Zange reserves the right to discontinue a voucher at any time or to modify any vouchers' terms and conditions.

Copyright and Protection of Intellectual Property:

Tape recording or video filming within the training or presentation area is prohibited. Tape recording or video filming of 'Energy Mapping' sessions is prohibited unless agreed in advance. Copying, reproducing, publishing or re-representation of any materials, content or notes is not allowed. Training courses, presentations, events and services are provided for the personal growth and awareness of the attendee only, for their own information, education or entertainment. No permissions are granted or inferred by attendance for the attendee to re-represent, copy, publish or teach to others any material offered by Sue Zange, or the Copyright property of either the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme ® and/or the 'Enhance your Light - Enhance Your Life' ® Programme originator and author: Sue Zange. All information, writings, content, material, images, recordings or video on this website are protected by copyright as works of Sue Zange as author and producer. Reproduction or storage of these works in all forms, by media or technologies now existing or hereinafter developed is forbidden without express permission in writing of Sue Zange.


The user of Sue Zange website and services, and/or attendees at sessions, training courses, presentations and events, and/or purchasers of content and material, agrees that they are solely and personally responsible for the use, application and choices made from information, knowledge, guidance or support received. Sue Zange cannot be held liable for any loss or damages, howsoever resulting, from the receiving of content and services offered. The user/purchaser understands that content of a metaphysical nature can only be offered, by law, as for entertainment purposes.

Terms valid from June 2019