'Energy Mapping' & Insightful Direction

Great leadership and pioneering change is often initiated by a single individual. Sometimes one with just a deep driving compulsion to achieve something they know must be right to achieve. Sometimes, one who is compelled by life experience and circumstances that trigger an eruption of heart desire to make something different, better, or known.

Everyone in a position of leadership, responsibility and vision requires sound counsel from time to time. Having access to a higher dimensional insight will offer you a level of awareness and inspiration that cannot be found in any physical environment.

Subtle energy mapping and higher level direction can assist you to make better serving choices in whatever life development role you are involved. Concepts, expansive development, sustainable ideas, visionary implementation and transformation require a level of clarity and commitment which exceeds the norm. In addition, you then require the vehicle for the clear conveyance of your intentions and decisions.

All these matters are driven and compelled by subtle energy factors and elements. The unique skills of Sue's subtle energy reading and mapping can help you to develop and apply within your field of specialism. Most especially, accessing higher level direction can assist and support your heartfelt endeavours to touch the World with your unique contribution.

Access higher dimensional insight that offers you greater awareness and inspiration.

Develop a level of clarity and motivation which exceeds your own expectations and vision.

Leaders, influencers and pioneers of change are often so unique in their nature that they journey alone for much of the time. Intense, focused and driven, such people need a particular connection to another for the interaction to be useful, valuable, worthy of their time and interest, and beneficial to fulfilment of needs. Ultimately, the outcome of any interaction has to enhance their vision, direction and motivations to act. They have no time for anything less.

If you are one such individual, then you may be reading this now because you are not fully aware of how you reached your current point or circumstances. You may be dealing with unexpected or exceptional circumstances which you need to understand in a different way. Or perhaps you are ‘missing’ some crucial or relevant pieces, and a higher guided insight may help you to find them. You may be seeking a higher awareness that reveals the truth of the plan, the map of the journey, or ultimately, the ‘why’ of the life you are living.

There are 4 key elements in subtle energy mapping that may assist you at this time:

The discovery and application of unique perspective:

  • Your journey to your present point has been unique and exclusive to your own vision, direction and decisions. Only you see your world as uniquely as you do, for you are it’s creator, its architect and its impetus.
  • Subtle energy mapping can offer you a higher level insight into the current situation, giving you an enhanced perspective for understanding, resolving or directing.

Finding solutions and opening opportunities:

  • You may not often get ‘stuck’, but when you do, it will be due to a complex set of circumstances and quite possibly, the interference of intents and actions from others.
  • Your solutions need to come from a ‘higher place’. No-thing is ever resolved on the level upon which it was created. Always, to make serving change, to overcome, to excel beyond…. solutions need to be found which skilfully exceed the present criteria.

Insight into process and strategy:

  • In the physical world, we live by the law of ‘cause and effect’. Every action will create a reaction. Those outcomes depend on the initial creative intents and factors (including people) that combine to affect its progress.
  • Each component part of a process has energetic momentum. Subtle energy mapping focuses on the most relevant and influential aspects of any part of a process - identifying, and highlighting the energetic movements which may be causing unwanted effects.

Inspiration and developing greater potentials:

  • You may have experienced the difficulty of finding good counsel and a competent ‘sound board’ for the progression of your vision and ideas. This may be because generally, people are unable to ‘meet’ you in your ‘place’.
  • Imagine an open space, in higher consciousness, where your visions and ideas can come to life and create a synergistic flow of cohesion and possibilities that extend beyond any known potential. This is divine inspiration at its optimum flow, and it will feed you and elevate you to the most serving position for your creations in life.
  • B.U. Warwickshire

    "I can honestly say that my mapping sessions with Sue have brought immense reassurance and positive outcomes on all levels. I have had three energy mapping sessions with her over the years to clear the way forward of obstacles or difficulties, and to allow future plans to come to fruition with little hindrance. My mapping sessions put in place support and ‘alternatives' to ensure I sailed through with little or no negative impact. Sue produced a wonderful collection of colour on my mapping chart, which is lovely to refer back to as a prompt. "

  • S.T. Worcestershire

    "Sue is totally professional through and through. She is also a very warm, caring and friendly person. Sue's knowledge is directly channelled to her and this makes her way of transforming and teaching unique. I can say that the development I have received from Sue has changed my life completely. It has been a journey of self discovery and the more I learn, the more I want to learn. Personally, I think Sue is a unique person and never before have I met anyone like her"

  • E.J. London

    "The life mapping I had helped clear complexities around the flow of my life, I was struggling to move forward. Sue identified some very complex dynamics and I don't think many people have the expertise to read the energy and clear blocks at this level. I have definitely moved forward with more ease and seen an increase in my flows concerning finances, work, and within myself. I felt very safe with Sue, she is non-judgemental, very warm, focused and down to earth. She translates the energy world into something much easier to understand, she is truly a very gifted and exceptional person."

  • K.H. Malta

    "Sometimes the most challenging thing that we can do is to fully realise who we are, and to have the faith and conviction to be just that. Being true to yourself is liberating, and quite often daunting. Sue gives you a fundamental toolbox to help you on your journey, to see your own endless potential. Sue helped me to turn my world upside-down, or rather right-side up! I found not just health, but clarity, focus, and centredness. I felt energised by her positivity and compassion, and the respect, gratitude and love that I feel for her grows with every encounter"

  • S.M. Yorkshire

    "I approached Sue for a “ Life Mapping” appointment when I needed clarification on why certain obstacles kept arising in trying to move on in my personal life and also in starting a new business. After the session I came away with answers and a way forward to succeed. I would not hesitate in booking another appointment when I feel the need for new guidance, but I can honestly say with the tools that Sue gave me, I can put my best foot forward knowing I have all the help and knowledge I need to be proactive and creative in designing my life and moving forward positively. "

Sue Zange - Specialist in Subtle Energies

Sue is gifted with a rare combination of skills and abilities which enable her to sense, interpret and transform subtle invisible energies. Sue is a highly skilled clairsentient, able to sense vibrations and energies beyond the physical senses.

A natural born ‘sensitive’, Sue is gifted with the rare ability of ‘energy vision’ which enables her to see the movement and flows of subtle energies. Her higher level sensory skills enable her to scan and 'map' vibrational resonances, dynamics and connections. Read More/...