Subtle Energy Mapping for Solutions, Project Development & Growth

"I first started working with businesses and their projects and difficulties back in 2003. I had so many Clinic clients who were directors and business executives, it was inevitable that they would see the potential of energy work within the business environment. It was a natural organic progression of the service I could offer. What amazed me though, is the scope of what could be achieved. And so quickly. Even the most simple of energy transformations could re-energise a workforce, improve staff dynamics and morale, improve the generation of ideas and inputs, and change the overall production ethos within the working environment.

Back then, me sitting at a boardroom table with 3 or 4 directors, and trying to explain the subtle energy process, was just 'way out there'. But today, in the current environment of understanding that change and progression has to happen on levels as yet untapped - directors and chief officers are open to the possibilities that there may be a better, more spirit-encompassing way, to improve working life for everyone involved." Sue Zange

A business is such a complex matrix of woven patterns of energy, which exist at project level, department level and broadscale across the company. These subtle energy environments are created by the workforce, the managers, the purpose of the projects and the results of all previous outcomes. And they are driven by the CEO's, Directors, owners and vision-holders. 

When difficulties occur within the business, it is not always easy to determine the cause, or see the possible solutions.Energy Mapping for business can discover where the energy flows or dynamics may be stagnant and lessening the success and profitability of the business. It can also improve and enhance energies that are serving and working well to strengthen new potentials. It achieves this by focusing on 3 primary factors in subtle energy:

Applying Subtle Energy Transformation

Key factors that can be transformed to improve your business, your projects and your future potentials.

1. Points of origination for plans and projects:

Whatever your situation now, it had an initial point of origin upon which the core energy intents were built. As time progresses, a business will alter course, it will gather ‘energy debris’, or may be influenced adversely by what it comes into contact with. In business, it can sometimes be weeks or months before it is realised that strategy is veering off-course, or projections are unfulfilled, or results and successes are not as required. By tracing subtle energy lines back to their point of origin, it may be possible to see where they may have gone ‘astray’, and energies can be transformed and realigned once again to good serving intention

2. The core strength and vision of leaders and directors.

The quality of the vision and leadership of those driving, builds the core intention and momentum of every business. Sometimes this is one strong leader, other times, a group of dedicated individuals coming together to drive the success of the business. Whatever the structure may be, how the core is built and held determines the success and prosperity of any business. An energetically unstable core will lead to chaos, power-struggles, stressed and conflicting energies, and ultimately, weakening or breakdown of the business. An unclear or energetically misaligned vision will lead to mis-direction, lessened resources, dissatisfied customers, unfulfilled employees, and a business that goes ‘round in circles’.

3. The strength and buoyancy of existing energy flows.

Business grows by re-ploughing part of its ‘harvest’ into the next session of growth and expansion. That has to occur on a subtle energy level also. All businesses exist with some energy flows which are strong and working well for the productivity and success of the business. And they will also have energy flows that are problematic, draining of resources, and hindering to success and profitability. By ‘reading’ and analysing the complex subtle energy forms, it is possible to gain insight into which areas of the business are buoyant and therefore contributing, and which are sluggish or constrained and therefore consuming resources. This is applicable to projects, procedures, systems, people, departments, directors, managers, all existing operations and future intended.

Subtle Energy Mapping can help a business identify the causes and contributing factors which exist on invisible subtle levels. It can assist with:

Identifying and resolving difficulties and problems:

  • Identification and analysis of causal elements of the issue
  • Clearance and transformation of ‘opposing’ or non-serving energies
  • Re-substantiation and realignment to initial purposeful intentions
  • Restructuring and rebalancing of internal dynamics for all involved

Improving results and productivity:

  • Identifying blocks and stagnant energies that may be restricting progress and development
  • Clearance of underlying factors and influences.
  • Creation of co-operation and communications flow
  • Stabilisation of core energy centres for groups, managers and project developers.
  • Re-initiating the buoyancy and potentials of the business outcomes.

Building and positioning of energies for new projects and ideas:

  • Identifying potentials for success within new ideas and developments
  • Gathering of energetic resources for ‘core’ building
  • Positioning on timelines, locations, people and resources for development and progression
  • Aligning manifestation energies to highest potential and optimum outcome.
  • B.U. Warwickshire

    "I can honestly say that my mapping sessions with Sue have brought immense reassurance and positive outcomes on all levels. I have had three energy mapping sessions with her over the years to clear the way forward of obstacles or difficulties, and to allow future plans to come to fruition with little hindrance. My mapping sessions put in place support and ‘alternatives' to ensure I sailed through with little or no negative impact. Sue produced a wonderful collection of colour on my mapping chart, which is lovely to refer back to as a prompt. "

  • S.T. Worcestershire

    "Sue is totally professional through and through. She is also a very warm, caring and friendly person. Sue's knowledge is directly channelled to her and this makes her way of transforming and teaching unique. I can say that the development I have received from Sue has changed my life completely. It has been a journey of self discovery and the more I learn, the more I want to learn. Personally, I think Sue is a unique person and never before have I met anyone like her"

  • E.J. London

    "The life mapping I had helped clear complexities around the flow of my life, I was struggling to move forward. Sue identified some very complex dynamics and I don't think many people have the expertise to read the energy and clear blocks at this level. I have definitely moved forward with more ease and seen an increase in my flows concerning finances, work, and within myself. I felt very safe with Sue, she is non-judgemental, very warm, focused and down to earth. She translates the energy world into something much easier to understand, she is truly a very gifted and exceptional person."

  • K.H. Malta

    "Sometimes the most challenging thing that we can do is to fully realise who we are, and to have the faith and conviction to be just that. Being true to yourself is liberating, and quite often daunting. Sue gives you a fundamental toolbox to help you on your journey, to see your own endless potential. Sue helped me to turn my world upside-down, or rather right-side up! I found not just health, but clarity, focus, and centredness. I felt energised by her positivity and compassion, and the respect, gratitude and love that I feel for her grows with every encounter"

  • S.M. Yorkshire

    "I approached Sue for a “ Life Mapping” appointment when I needed clarification on why certain obstacles kept arising in trying to move on in my personal life and also in starting a new business. After the session I came away with answers and a way forward to succeed. I would not hesitate in booking another appointment when I feel the need for new guidance, but I can honestly say with the tools that Sue gave me, I can put my best foot forward knowing I have all the help and knowledge I need to be proactive and creative in designing my life and moving forward positively. "

Sue Zange - Specialist in Subtle Energies

Sue is gifted with a rare combination of skills and abilities which enable her to sense, interpret and transform subtle invisible energies. Sue is a highly skilled clairsentient, able to sense vibrations and energies beyond the physical senses. However, she began with a career in business and commercial management, and therefore has a broad understanding of the needs of a business and its management.

A natural born ‘sensitive’, Sue is gifted with the rare ability of ‘energy vision’ which enables her to see the movement and flows of subtle energies. Her higher level sensory skills enable her to scan and 'map' vibrational resonances, dynamics and connections. Read More/...