"Imagine your energy field as an ongoing process factory, dealing with the incoming and outgoing transactions of life, and actively working towards an outcome of creative and valuable expression in life."

Excerpt from 'The Energies of Your Life' Book

All things are energy.

Our world consists of all the physical components that we can see and know, but also the invisible energies that we cannot detect with physical senses. As humans, we are a mass of flowing subtle energy, which gives us our radiance and our presence in life. Science identifies this ‘field of energy’ as an electro-magnetic field. It is in fact, a complex field of energy patterns and forms gained from all life experience. Once we expand awareness beyond the energy of the individual, there is a vast unified field of flowing subtle energy lines which connect all things - all life events and experiences, and all people.

Each day, we are a continuous flow of energetic transmissions and receipts - our ideas, thoughts, words, intentions, feelings, actions and deeds all flowing out into the world. Simultaneously, the ideas, emotions, intents and needs of others are directed towards us, and absorbed by our own energy field. In our relationships with others, subtle energies create complex workings and dynamics which represent the nature of our connection to each other. This is our inter-connectivity. It is the unseen aspects of life - the subtle invisible world that is directing your life each and every day.

We call these subtle transactions and flows ‘energy patterns’.

At any given moment, we are each in a particular ‘energetic state’. Whether we realise it or not, how we feel, our reactions, our thought processes and even our creative impulses, are all directed by the presence of whatever resonance of energy is active in the field at that time. Our views, our perspective, our motivations, and our responses are all influenced by our ‘energetic state’.

As human beings, we are creators. Sometimes we create actively and with awareness, but much of the time we create unconsciously and from unawareness. Often, we cannot see the reason why circumstances are the way they are, or why life’s happenings are occurring as they are. This is because to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of life, we have to access the nature of the subtle energies that are at work in any given instance - the life force that drives all matter.

All creation commences with an energetic desire, impulse and intent. We then put that into action based on how ‘compelled’ we feel towards the creation. This could be something as simple as the start of a small project, or the next step in furthering a career. Or it could be the vital transformation of a business, which will affect multiple lives. Whatever creation you are directing, you need to understand that there is a whole subtle world of energy transactions and patterns that will bear influence upon your choices, potentials and outcomes.

Gaining insight into that subtle realm is a key factor in making good quality choices, effecting highest serving decisions for all involved, and clearing the path ahead for your creations to fulfil their potential as you truly intended. Sue Zange is a specialist in the field of Subtle Energies - read more about how she can help you.

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Transform the Unseen Drivers that influence life and work:-

  • Your energy levels and motivation.
  • Generation of ideas and inspired thinking.
  • Your emotional balance and well-being.
  • Clarity of thinking and processing.
  • Take commanding action to achieve success.
  • Understand the subtle dyanamics of groups.
  • Discover how others influence you.
  • Become aware of your influence upon others.
  • Collaborative working for success.
  • Innovation and solution finding.
  • L.S. Worcestershire

    "Sue's enhanced skills will transform patterns, blocks and imbalances that are preventing you or your business from fulfilling your ambitions to succeed. Opening your mind to the invisible world of subtle energy will change your outlook on life. Sometimes without knowing why, we can find ourselves stagnant, losing focus and commitment to projects and endeavours. A mapping will help you make better choices for the places in which you live and work."

  • A.J. West Midlands

    "I have found Sue very supportive on the journey I have taken, she has helped me realise my potential. The methods and techniques I have learned from her have absolutely transformed my life and many of those around me. She has made me realise, that by doing it for yourself, you do it for others. I have seen the transformation around others and this has now become a way of life for me, making a positive difference wherever I go."

  • C.W. West Midlands

    "The knowledge that I gained in the way that energy works and its impact on people, interactions with others and the environment was so valuable, it really is empowering in today’s world. Sue has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I must say she can be very humorous, as well. It’s a must."

  • K.F. Worcestershire

    "As well as being a wonderful inner journey of self-discovery, Sue's knowledge provides practical tools for energy management. In fact, what I loved most were the easy to follow, step-by-step tools that Sue shares with you so that you too can tap into the abundant energy that is there for us all to use. Sue is a wonderful transformer who makes everything so accessible and easy to understand."

Sue Zange - Energy Visionary

Sue is gifted with a rare combination of skills and abilities which enable her to sense, interpret and transform subtle invisible energies. Sue is a highly skilled clairsentient, able to sense vibrations and energies beyond the physical senses.

A natural born ‘sensitive’, Sue is gifted with the rare ability of ‘energy vision’ which enables her to see the movement and flows of subtle energies. Her higher level sensory skills enable her to scan and 'map' vibrational resonances, dynamics and connections. Read More/...