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Subtle Energy Mapping is the rare and specialist skill of ‘reading’ and interpreting the higher dimensional invisible ‘energy forms’ and current ‘energetic state’ of your life, your business, or any situation.

By tracing and following the flow of the pre-existing and current energy lines it is possible to:

  • Trace the ‘point of origin’ for when an energy pattern or flow initiated, to gain deeper understanding of its original purpose/intent.
  • Identify energy lines which are stagnant or blocked in their flow and determine how to release or clear them.
  • Identify lines that are ‘serving’ (meaning, energies which are benefitting and enriching life) and develop them further.
  • Identify lines that are ‘non-serving’ (those which are diminishing the quality or richness of life, or maybe causing conflict or difficulty) and transform those energetic influences.
  • Enhance and align subtle lines which are ‘serving’ to create greater prosperity, success and better outcomes.

Awareness of subtle energies is about finding solutions and opening options. It is about building new potentials and reinstating strong positive flows of energy resource. It is about clearing away the 'debris' and stagnant energies and bringing a refreshed view of life and its opportunities.

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For Business - Mapping for Solutions, Development & Growth

Your business is a complex matrix of woven patterns of energy created by your people, your managers, your projects and the results of your previous outcomes. When difficulties occur, it is not always easy to determine the cause, or the possible solutions.

Energy Mapping for business can discover where the energy flows may be diminishing or lessening the success and profitability of the business. It can also improve and enhance energies that are serving and working well. It achieves this by focusing on:

3 primary factors:

  • The points of origination of plans and projects.
  • The core strength and vision of leaders and directors.
  • The strength and buoyancy of existing energy flows.
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For Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs

A strong inner creative impulse, combined with an inexplicable drive to make change in the world, is part of the spiritual path of world changers. We are now living in the time of the Entrepreneur, someone with a deep driving compulsion to achieve something they know must be right to achieve. This is a time when we stand up as individuals in a bold act of envisioning change, equality and betterment within our world.

Taking action and finding the clear path forward with such mission is not always easy. Having a 'guiding hand', and inside view of drivers, purpose, and its fulfilment can contribute a profound leap in the success of a purpose-driven vision.

Keys to living 'on purpose':

  • The building of a strong 'core' for your energy vision.
  • The positioning and alignment of strong potentials for success and progress.
  • Aligning your energies to adapt and command change in the physical world.
  • The ability to generate and re-generate resources as required for your mission.
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For - Individuals, Innovators, Influencers & Leaders

Everyone in a position of leadership, responsibility and vision requires sound counsel from time to time. Having access to a higher dimensional insight will offer you a level of awareness and inspiration that cannot be found in any physical environment.

Great leadership and pioneering change is often initiated by a single individual. Leaders, influencers and pioneers of change are often so unique in their nature that they journey alone for much of the time. Mapping will help you in:

3 Key Elements

  • The discovery and application of your unique perspective.
  • Finding solutions and opening greater opportunities.
  • Insight into process, strategy and positioned elements.
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Creative Performers & Developers

The creative process is one of inspiration and light which offers the expression of the inner Being to the outer world. It can be a fragile and intricate process to achieve the balance of true creative expression with external success and fulfilment.

The command and navigation of creative cycles is the No.1 most vital energy element to keeping your career succeeding and moving forward. Non-management of these cycles is the major reason for a career which ‘stop/starts’, or flies high and then crashes. Subtle Energy Mapping will identify:

4 Major influencing factors:

  • Clear and unrestricted flow of inner desires to create and develop as an artistic individual.
  • Enhancement of inspirational flow and creative impulse.
  • The navigation and command of the natural cycles of creation.
  • Bring your energy lines into ‘Accord’ and synchronisation.
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