Subtle Energy Mapping for Creative Expression and Envisioning

The creative process is one of inspiration and light which offers the expression of the inner Being to the outer world. It can be a fragile and intricate process to achieve the balance of true creative expression with external success and fulfilment.

The potential energetic imbalance between the beautiful inner creative desire, and the impact of the demanding external world, can cause immense difficulties for passionate creative individuals. That is why we see extremes of happenings in the careers of such wonderful and talented people - achieving great success, and then falling into lulls of inactivity.

Subtle energy mapping and direction helps guide and clear the way for the success and creative expression that is right for the individual. During your Subtle Energy Mapping session you can ask for any particular assistance you need, on any issue, and it will be explored on a higher consciousness level. You can focus on particular areas that you want to develop, or you can leave it to higher intelligence to show what needs to be revealed to you. The information, insights and knowledge you gain from a ‘Mapping’ session will enable you to move forwards to greater success.

The true benefit of understanding the subtle energy flows is to empower your ability to comprehend your life processes. It will enrich you with information and knowledge that makes you aware each day, every day, so that you can make better and more creative choices. Such awareness ensures you can be fully inspired and engaged with your life, knowing ‘why’ you take the actions that you do and where they are likely to lead you.

Empowering you to Envision, Create, Develop and Enhance

Discover the 3 major factors in subtle energy that directly affect success and fulfilment:

1. Clear inspiritional flow and creative impulse:

This is the source energy which drives your endeavours. It can be easily quashed or diverted by external influence and opposing energies. If you do not consider you are reaching your fuller potential in your creative work, then this is the primary line of energy flow which needs to be explored

Inspiration is a higher dimensional energy, which flows into us when we are ‘in the right place’. This flow is achieved by co-ordinating the positions of various energy lines, such that a synchronisation takes place - this is an ‘enhanced potential’.

Inspiration and creativity are a combination of the flows of heart energy, higher intelligence and directive purpose. They engage fully when you clear and focus your current energetic state, and position and manage external energy dynamics correctly.

2. Navigate and command the natural cycles of creation:

In higher consciousness, creation flows in natural cycles of 1, 2 and 7 years. The natural creative cycles have key points that have to be understood in subtle energy, these are:

  • The point of origin (initial creative impulse)
  • The commencing intent (drive, momentum & pace)
  • The people involved (external energy influences)
  • The serving objective (hoped for/desired outcome)
  • The value offering (Benefit, gain, enrichment)

The command and navigation of creative cycles is the No.1 most vital energy element to keeping your career succeeding and moving forward. Non-management of these cycles is the major reason for a career which ‘stop/starts’, or flies high and then crashes. We see this often in highly talented people, who get the break they need, and then it’s lost after just a couple of years. These are ‘energy’ extremes, which are avoidable. The balance of the natural creative cycles is the key to sustainable career success and longevity of your artistry.

3. Bring your energy lines into ‘Accord':

The most powerful transformation we can effect with energy is to bring the three major energy lines - time line, life line and destiny line - into synchronisation. Those create the life experience of being in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason.

At the core of your Being, you are connected to an array of family and people dynamics which are affecting all those lines.

Subtle Energy Mapping will help you to identify the major contributing factors present on those invisible subtle levels and build a ‘Progressive Timeline’ to keep the momentum of aspirations moving.

Subtle Energy Mapping will help you to identify and transform the flows of all creative lines of endeavour. It can assist with:

Assessing ‘Energetic State’:

  • Clear and release energy blocks and non-serving elements
  • Identify and clear interference or obstructions.
  • Realign your subtle energy flows for balance, clarity and drive.

Building Your Projects:

  • Enhance and strengthen energies for current projects.
  • Support inspiration and vibrant positioning for new ideas.
  • Open your natural attraction for new opportunities, contacts and needed assistance.

Developing future Potentials:

  • Identify and position energies for your vision, desires and intentions.
  • Build strategic energy streams for career progression.
  • Align connections that will help and support your progress.
  • B.U. Warwickshire

    "I can honestly say that my mapping sessions with Sue have brought immense reassurance and positive outcomes on all levels. I have had three energy mapping sessions with her over the years to clear the way forward of obstacles or difficulties, and to allow future plans to come to fruition with little hindrance. My mapping sessions put in place support and ‘alternatives' to ensure I sailed through with little or no negative impact. Sue produced a wonderful collection of colour on my mapping chart, which is lovely to refer back to as a prompt. "

  • S.T. Worcestershire

    "Sue is totally professional through and through. She is also a very warm, caring and friendly person. Sue's knowledge is directly channelled to her and this makes her way of transforming and teaching unique. I can say that the development I have received from Sue has changed my life completely. It has been a journey of self discovery and the more I learn, the more I want to learn. Personally, I think Sue is a unique person and never before have I met anyone like her"

  • E.J. London

    "The life mapping I had helped clear complexities around the flow of my life, I was struggling to move forward. Sue identified some very complex dynamics and I don't think many people have the expertise to read the energy and clear blocks at this level. I have definitely moved forward with more ease and seen an increase in my flows concerning finances, work, relationships and within myself. I felt very safe with Sue, she is non-judgemental, very warm, focused and down to earth. She translates the energy world into something much easier to understand, she is truly a very gifted and exceptional person."

  • K.H. Malta

    "Sometimes the most challenging thing that we can do is to fully realise who we are, and to have the faith and conviction to be just that. Being true to yourself is liberating, and quite often daunting. Sue gives you a fundamental toolbox to help you on your journey, to see your own endless potential. Sue helped me to turn my world upside-down, or rather right-side up! I found not just health, but clarity, focus, and centredness. I felt energised by her positivity and compassion, and the respect, gratitude and love that I feel for her grows with every encounter"

  • C.W. West Midlands

    "The knowledge that I gained in the way that energy works and its impact on people, interactions with others and the environment was so valuable, it really is empowering in today’s world. Sue has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I must say she can be very humorous, as well. It’s a must."

Sue Zange - Energy Visionary

Sue is gifted with a rare combination of skills and abilities which enable her to sense, interpret and transform subtle invisible energies. Sue is a highly skilled clairsentient, able to sense vibrations and energies beyond the physical senses.

A natural born ‘sensitive’, Sue is gifted with the rare ability of ‘energy vision’ which enables her to see the movement and flows of subtle energies. Her higher level sensory skills enable her to scan and 'map' vibrational resonances, dynamics and connections. Read More/...